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Performing a VIN Number search (vehicle identification number search) can provide car buying consumers with very valuable information about a used vehicle's history. A VIN number search can determine if a vehicle has vehicle history reports available- If it does, than it is possible that there may be problems with that particular car or truck such as involvement in a major automobile accident, flood damage, a lemon title or  odometer tampering. 

The presence of a vehicle history report however does NOT necessarily mean that the information on the report is negative. There is only one way to find out - Order a vehicle history report to reveal that used car's history and drive away with a piece of mind.

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Locating and Decoding Your VIN

In addition to the types of information that can be revealed in these reports, a VIN can also provide information about that that particular vehicle after it left the assembly plant such as the engine type where the automobile was manufactured, the age, etc. To understand what your VIN means, learn how to decode a VIN.

To search for reports you will need the VIN. Depending on the make, model, year, etc.., vehicle identification numbers are often located near the driver side window or door. Most dealerships or car sellers should willlingly provide the number to you. Please reference the illustration of  common VIN locations if you need assistance locating the VIN.